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Our WOrk

We’ve had the opportunity to work with such amazing clientele all over the world - full reel below

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We believe every company and organization has a story to tell. This is why we specialize in cause marketing. How can we expand your reach by taking the lid off your social cause. If it matters to you, it matters to your clients! Let’s produce a story that matters.



Some of the most meaningful stories still needing to be brought to light fall under the non-profit web. Have a mission that needs to grow? Work with an individual, place, cause or people group whose story needs to be heard? Let’s make it happen.



We’ve had the privilege to work all over the world, but the passion and love for culture started long before there was any monetary value. The number one takeaway? People are worth learning about - even in the simplest of ways. Let’s create and showcase value.

Why Minivan?

To bring people together

Betty White, my 2002 Chrysler Town and Country, has been my wing-woman since I started driving. We’ve traveled across the country and back - a few times actually, camped in snow covered canopies, on the red rocks of Moab and on the beaches of northern Arizona. We’ve gone on picnic dates, sunset adventures, and discovered hidden waterfalls. These are destinations, but what makes these adventures so memorable? The people. The journey. There’s nothing like packing up Betty and hitting the road because it really doesn’t matter where we end up as much as what it took to get there. The Minivan brings people along for the ride. The Minivan gets you where you want to be. It is real, it is genuine and it is all about taking the ride together.

We exist to create media that matters for purpose driven organizations. We produce stories that take you on a journey - stories that dare to impact the lives of others. We utilize video and media platforms to help organizations have meaningful conversations with meaningful audiences.

That’s our story. Let’s tell yours.

If your dream only involves you, it’s too small.

Ava DuVernay


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