I grew up with a passion for the unseen. For forts, for the tops of trees, for the sand at the bottom of Lake Michigan. I didn’t really chase the everyday muck - I wanted more. My grandfather was an incredible photographer who saw the world a little differently as well. When he passed away, my grandma gave me my first camera and I’ve had a camera in my hand most days since. First it was photography. Showcasing the beauty in dynamic ways excited me and as my search to discover the unique aspects of life started rolling, I couldn’t help but keep running into people. The story I was dying to tell was of the people walking next to me daily. They are unique, their story is powerful. Their story matters.

I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala after highschool and after a few months of producing both still media and video, my heart was set. Video could do something that photo no longer could for me - tell stories with the depth and honest vulnerability to impact a culture. From that moment on I set out to use my camera as a ticket into the backyard of individuals, companies and projects whose story needed to be told. Why bring someone into a studio, when I can go and be apart of their authentic community while crafting their story?

I’ve always been attracted to authenticity: in relationship, in entertainment, even in food, but most of all in story. I don’t believe in the need to escape reality to find creativity. We are created with a mind wired for creativity. We just need to take another look at what’s around us. Look at things, at stories, at problems and at people with a new perspective. A perspective of curiosity, appreciation and celebration.


Minivan Productions gives me the opportunity to bring together the perfect group of unique specialists for each project. The creative specialists include motion designers, videographers, graphic designers, copywriters, editors.. truly whoever can serve you best! We believe in bringing people together. We believe in what people can create. We believe in people. We started in a basement and we’d love to see yours.

And for the record, I still love forts.